Slush syrup

Buying Slush syrup online, direct from the manufacture makes prefect financial sense. Our slush drinks when correctly diluted with water at a ratio of 6-1 holds all its flavour right to the last drop. Why sell your customers a high price, low quality product. You want your customers to come back for more again and again. Not just for a slush drink either. If you sell a low quality product of any kind you will lose that customer, they wont come back for anything, let alone a slush drink. Just because a brand is recognized does not mean its good. Some brands just had the market to themselves for so long that nobody knew any different. Their prices are set on exclusivity and due to years of complacency their product quality does not seem so important.
Luckily for you there is more choice in all products than there was say 30 years ago. Especially within the slush drinks market.

Do a search on google, you will find many companies making bold claims. The UKs fastest growing, The UKs premier, the UKs biggest.
Well think about these claims, they cant all be the biggest, best, or premier can they?

Below are some links. Click on these to go to the best product at the right price. A price that you as a retailer can achieve 90% profits or more.
Or if you just want some small amounts for home use, this can be done as well.

Slush syrup sold at a realistic price.

Slush machines. Why buy second hand
or so called reconditioned, when you can buy
Brand new with a Full
12 months parts and labour warranty.

You will need the right
type of cups and
spoon straws to serve
your slush drink.

If you want small amounts of syrup to use
at home, then you need this link.
Making slush drinks at home is easy



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